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Original Song: "Attention"

This is an older video, but still one of the best/catchiest songs I have written to date. Based heavily in the idea of "feeling my feelings" and expressing some rage at a boy who was being... well, a boy.

Recorded: March 2018

Cover: "No Matter What" from Steven Universe

Here's another cover, this time from the cartoon Steven Universe. I enlisted the help of long-time collaborator and bestie extraordinaire Josh Hne for this one, and I hope you can tell how much fun we had with it.

Recorded: January 2020

Original Song: "The Race"

Based on the idea of "the race to success" that plagues young people's social media feeds and clouds their mindsets, this song was originally written as a final project for an English class I took freshman year of college.

Recorded: May 2018

Cover: "Il mare eterno nella mia anima" by Taku Iwasaki

I don't currently make money directly from my videos, so I'm not making money off of covering other people's music... but I still like sharing songs I cover. This is from the anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. It contains some spoilers for the anime, so you've been warned. (Yes, nerds, this is a JoJo's reference.)

Recorded: December 2020

Original Song: "can't talk now"

I am pretty open about my struggles with mental health as a way of de-stigmatizing the oppressive, problematic structures that vilify people who are neuro-divergent in society. This one goes out to all the friends who showed me support during the extremely bad recurrence of depression I had at the time this was recorded.

Recorded: September 2020

Cover: "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King

This is one of my quicker covers, where I just dragged out the piano, set up the mic and camera, and went for it. Not much else to it!

Recorded: September 2018

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