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Isabella "Bela" Biles (she/her/hers) is a Latinx artist and content creator based in Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies.

Her love of theatre, which started with elementary school productions in her childhood, led her to become heavily involved in the community theatre groups around Charles County, Maryland before she began pursuing her degree. She mainly performed with the Port Tobacco Players in the town of La Plata, but was also seen at the Indian Head Center for the Arts in her hometown of Indian Head. During her years at UMBC, Bela has learned different styles of theatrical performance, playwriting, and that she really, really does not like hanging lights while standing on a grid far too high in the air. She took a liking in particular to learning and practicing puppetry/material performance. Her proudest achievement so far in her college career is her work on the light-infused, devised puppetry piece Albert's Dream for Light City Baltimore in the fall of 2019. The piece was conceptualized by Colette Searls, featured lighting design by Scott Sainz, set design by Ali Mark, and the puppeteering talents of Joshua Hne, Marie Smock, and of course, Bela herself. She puppeteered Albert's Legs in the piece and had a ridiculous amount of fun doing so.

In addition to her scholastic theatre studies, she became a frequently seen player within student theatre organizations at UMBC. Most notably she has worked with AF Theatre Company on their spring musicals "An Entirely Accurate Portrayal of True Events That Have Actually Happened on the UMBC Smoke-Free Campus, I Promise", portraying lovabale but intense sci-fi nerd Stella, and "M.W.C.A.", where she portrayed the infamous Isabella Garcia-Shapiro from Phineas and Ferb. She also served as vice president for AF Theatre Co. up until its dissolution in spring 2021.

The only thing rivaling Bela's affinity for theatre is her love of music. She currently uploads covers and original songs on her YouTube channel "PieAndLove". She insists she also has an EP in the works, but if she's been working on one at all, no one has seen any proof of it. Along with musical content, she infrequently produces episodes of an edutainment series called "Casually Cryptid", where she discusses all the different creatures that science has yet to prove or disprove.

In her off time, Bela can be found either trying desperately to catch up on sleep, playing far too much Tetris 99, yelling at her party members in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or watching her idiot son run around his tank like a doofus (he's a gerbil).

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